A place with just the perfect ambience, a place to create memorable experiences. Kota Lama, with its heritage, is the place.

Emerging in the middle of perfection, spicing up the classics with its brutalist architecture & inspiring contemporary design, mixed with local arts & culture, complemented with comforting foods & thoughtful service, Kotta Hotel completes the experience to make it beyond memorable, a remarkable experience.

Here’s a little story from Kotta…

One fine morning

Not like the ordinary days, I woke up from my bed with a whole new atmosphere. From the window I can see the sun starts bathing the European style buildings around. Pigeons flew past a park, written as Taman Srigunting, which I think I had to pay a visit later. But before that, I knew I had to get some coffee, thankfully they provided a coffee drip sachet in the room, complete with the water heater & cups. I am ready to brew.

Because diner is an art

My wandering takes me to something that caught my eyes yesterday when I checked in, a unique entrance to a colorful space which I later learn, it’s their dining space.

They’re open for hotel guests & public for breakfast starting at 6 am to 10 am, the rest they serve ala carte menus with pleasing looks (and definitely, pleasing taste).

For the mandatory sip (or slurp)

I finished the fun ride & explore, and now there’s nothing I need more than a fresh sip. Maybe a mocktail will do? I heard this place had the best mocktails in town. I read the menu, they offer funky fusions – like apple and lime leaves, coffee & a lot of twists. I place my heart in the right place, as I order Es Kopi Kotta, take a sip, and feel like my day is completed.

From Japan to Semarang

I knew I couldn’t call it a day without dessert, so I had no reason to hold myself back from ordering some silky pudding, soft ice cream, and Japanese roll cake. There’s no such thing as too much when it comes to dessert, especially after a long leisure day, just to wrap it all up.

The special occasion

Standing outside an event space, it’s an amphitheater. Sun is setting down and here I am, enjoying the evening breeze, accompanied by warm lights, hazy tunes which I believe came from the street saxophonist, and a sweet flashback of how this day went on.