Transcend your imagination to enjoy the tranquility and hospitality of Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta, a city filled with wondrous culture and invigorating nature. Here in the heart of the iconic city, Kotta GO provides a one of a kind trip’s essentials, good rest and good food.

A cozy shelter to relax, perfect for people on the go.

One Sunny Morning

Waking up at Yogyakarta always gives an indescribable excitement. Adventure is calling, a good prep is everything. Thanks to the comfy bed for the pleasant rest it gives. Deciding between a relaxing warm shower and a refreshing cold shower is never as hard as when you find goodness in both. Whatever your choice is, there’s nothing to regret about.

Picking up a recharge

A good day starts with good breakfast. Offering various choices of mood-boosting beverages and meals crafted from scratch, Piyama Café makes a simple, casual breakfast delightful. The café is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sounds like a ‘welcome’ to every hungry ones to hang and dine any time of the day.

The little things you love

Rarely mentioned in a wish list or bucket list, but no one would ever resist spending time at the GO Terrace when the wind is breezing, accompanied by a cup of your favorite afternoon tea or coffee, makes a perfect set where inspiration usually sparks off. Down at the lobby, you’ll find our little knick knacks shop with a selection of our favourite local goods. All smiles.