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Fried rice, chicken chunks, topped with sunny side up and crackers

Soft and creamy rice with sliced poached chicken, aromatic broth, crispy kale, soft egg

Mushroom served in 3 different ways with cream, poached egg, crispy kale on top of brioche toast

Chuncks of grilled chicken, poached egg, hollandaise, herbs salad, toast

Tomato sugo with canelinni beans, mushroom, egg, tater tots, served with sourdough toast

Sauteed mushrooms, aged cheddar and mozarella, herbs salad, sourdough toast

Yoghurt and white chocolate mousse, dragon fruit, strawberries, candied nuts


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Sausage, egg, tater tots

All prices are subjected to 21% goverment tax
Prices are in thousands rupiah