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Sweet fermented cassava, cheese, palm sugar, caramelized peanut

Crispy banana fritter, palm sugar and cheese

Chicken thigh seasoned with special taiwanese seasoning, curry leaves

Trice cooked potato, onion salt, aioli

Twice cooked butter coated corn ribs, lemon

Lightly dusted enoki, oyster, shimeji mushroom, onion salt, kale, aioli

Southern style fried chicken wings, housemade smoked hot sauce, pickles

Triple cooked rustic potatoes, curry leaves, serundeng


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120gr beef patty, butter rice, tomato salsa, mushroom sauce topped with omega 3 egg

Silky semolina pasta, cream mushroom sauce, truffle oil, sous vide egg, freshly grated parmesan cheese

Not your usual aglio olio, silky semolina pasta coated with chilli and garlic emulsion, topped with tobiko

Slow cooked thigh fillet, tomato based curry, rice

Tempura battered fish fillet, triple cooked chips, loaded tartare sauce, lemon

Soft and creamy rice with sliced poached chicken, aromatic broth, crispy kale, soft egg

Mushroom served in 3 different ways with cream, poached egg, crispy kale on top of brioche toast

Chuncks of grilled chicken, poached egg, hollandaise, herbs salad, toast

Tomato sugo with canelinni beans, mushroom, egg, tater tots, served with sourdough toast

Creamy corn soup, lightly grilled prawn, kani, slivered shallots

Not your regular fried rice, topped with black ink squid, sunny side up, pickles and crackers

Fried rice, chicken chunks, topped with crispy fried egg and crackers


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Marinated beef ribs, served with soup, carrot, potato, tomato, green chilli relish, mlinjo crackers and rice


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Twice cooked half duck, long beans lawar, sambal matah, serundeng, fragrant nasi jeruk

Twice cooked beef, rendang spice and relish, smashed potatoes, green chilli relish


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Rough minced chicken, thai basil, chilli, baby beans, fried egg on rice

Chicken thigh, dried chilli, cashew, onion, rice

Crispy fish fillet coated in sweet and sour sauce, pineapple, capsicum, onion

Fried prawn coated in salted egg sauce, curry leave, chilli, shallots

Sauted cube wagyu, shoyu, onion, enoki, slow cooked egg


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Chocolate crunch, chocolate sponge, salted caramel cream, peanut butter mousse, honeycomb

Yoghurt and white chocolate mousse, dragon fruit, strawberries, candied nuts

Ricotta pancake, orange sauce, caramelized nuts, berries, vanilla mascarpone


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lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, ginger, garlic

All prices are subjected to 21% goverment tax
Prices are in thousands rupiah